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South Carolina Injury Lawyer

Protecting the Rights of Victims

William J. TuckAs dedicated injury attorneys in the Florence area, William J. Tuck and Associate R. Mark James have helped many people hurt in accidents get back on their feet by fighting for the compensation that they deserve. Whether you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, a slip and fall at a nursing home, an incident of medical malpractice, an encounter with a defective product, or another unexpected and harmful event, Tuck Law Firm lawyers have the skill and experience to guide you through the legal process. The firm has a strong track record of success for the people whom it represents, who come from Florence, Hartsville, Darlington, and many other communities throughout South Carolina. The Tuck Law Firm takes pride in serving its neighbors in their times of need.

Pursuing Compensation after an Accident

Each personal injury case varies based on the circumstances of the accident and the people and entities involved. Most cases are based on claims of negligence, a legal theory that gives a victim the right to seek compensation and other remedies from those responsible for causing the harm. The damages available in these cases usually include money for medical bills, missed wages, and property damage, as well as more subjective injuries such as pain and suffering or emotional distress. Family members are also empowered to sue for a wrongful death in the unfortunate event that a loved one is killed in an accident. Damages in these claims may account for medical and funeral costs as well as the loss of the victim’s love, companionship, and support.

To prove negligence with the assistance of a Florence injury lawyer, you need to show that the person or entity that you are suing breached a “duty of care.” For example, commercial and other property owners owe their visitors a duty to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition and warn them of certain hazards. Drivers are expected to operate their vehicles in a reasonably cautious manner and to avoid dangerous activities like speeding or texting behind the wheel. Doctors, based on their expertise and training, owe patients a duty to diagnose and treat illnesses and conditions with a professional level of care that is based on the circumstances. A person or entity that does not meet one of these standards is likely to be legally liable for any injuries that occur as a result.

Assisting Whistleblowers in Reporting Business Misconduct

Main OfficeAttorney William J. Tuck also diligently works to protect the community by pursuing qui tam actions under the Federal False Claims Act. This law gives ordinary citizens the power to blow the whistle on companies that defraud the government by suing on behalf of all taxpayers. Some common types of qui tam cases include actions against health care providers and pharmaceutical companies for Medicare fraud, as well as against construction contractors that violate their agreements with the government. Whistleblowers are entitled to a share of any money that a government agency recovers as a result of a successful qui tam claim.

Located in Historic Darlington

We are conveniently located in the historic old Bank of Darlington Building at 54 Public Square in downtown Darlington. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the two-story commercial building captures the distinct charm and unique esthetic of the downtown area. It served as the home of the bank for many decades before being converted to law office use. The building features a Romanesque Revival façade of heavy stone along Ward Street and stucco brick walls on the north and east sides.

Explore Your Options with a Florence Injury Attorney

Mr. Tuck has dedicated his energies to vigorously representing accident victims for more than 15 years. He and his Associate R. Mark James understand how the law applies in a broad range of cases, and they know how to build the strongest possible legal arguments for the people whom they represent. The Tuck Law Firm takes the time to understand each individual client’s needs and interests and to explain their rights and options at each step of the way. If you need a qui tam attorney or an injury lawyer in Florence or beyond, contact us online or call Attorney Tuck at 843-393-2201 to arrange a free consultation. He also assists people in Hartsville, Darlington, Marion, Chesterfield, Dillon, Bishopville, Cheraw, Myrtle Beach., Lake City, Sumter, and other South Carolina communities.