When more than two people are prepping for a car ride, one person may claim “shotgun” or call dibs on the front passenger seat. Although many travelers may desire that seat, it is not the safest spot in a vehicle. The driver’s seat is also not particularly known for its safety. So which seat is the safest?

The seat called the safest is the middle seat in the back of a typical four-door car. This seat typically does not have as much leg room, and the user of this seat often feels cramped between two other passengers. Despite these facts, travelers who sit in the rear middle seat are less likely to suffer serious injuries in a car accident.

Why is the rear middle seat safe? 

Anyone who has taken a trip in the rear middle seat knows that the location is not ideal for gazing out of the window. This is one of the reasons why the seat is safe for passengers. Because the sides of the car are far from the seat, there is less of a chance that a passenger will slam against them during a collision. This is especially likely if two other passengers are occupying the other two rear seats. Those other passengers would act as insulation for the middle passenger.

Is the seat safe for car seats?

While this seat is the safest, there is one exception. Some of these seats have abnormal seat belts. The seat belts sometimes found in the rear middle seats are only lap belts and do not include the cross-body belt. If a rear middle seat does not have the cross-body belt, drivers should not use it for car seats.

The sides of the car are still a huge danger to passengers who do not sit in the rear middle seat and the driver of the vehicle. Their heads could easily slam against the side of the car, resulting in a severe brain injury.  An injury from a car accident could keep a person out of work. If loss of wages or damage to the vehicle becomes an issue, they should seek compensation.