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Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After A Car Accident?

After a motor vehicle accident, your priority should be on your physical healing and recovery. William J. Tuck, P.A. Attorneys at Law, knows how difficult it can be to focus on anything else when you are in pain. But many clients wonder how to cover the cost of medical treatment so they can make the fullest possible recovery and return to their lives.

How Are Medical Expenses Covered In South Carolina?

All drivers are required to carry auto insurance, but most of us do not take a thorough look at our own policies until we are forced to make a claim. In South Carolina, the auto insurance of the driver who caused the accident is generally the primary source of compensation for any damages other drivers incur in the collision.

However, the policy does not reimburse medical expenses as they come in. Compensation for medical bills is typically awarded at the end of a case to settle the claim. This means that you are responsible for your own medical expenses in the meantime.

  • If you have health insurance: Present your everyday health insurance card to the doctor and, if possible, pay any co-pays in accordance with your health insurance policy. This creates a record of your expenses so your attorney can pursue full compensation for your medical expenses.
  • If you do not have health insurance: Your attorney is legally prohibited from paying for medical treatment, but often can work with medical professionals to negotiate care while you wait for your accident settlement.

If your accident claim results in a verdict or settlement that awards you compensation, that money will be used to settle any outstanding balances for medical care. As a result, clients are typically left with no outstanding medical bills at the end of a case.

Attorney William J. Tuck works hard to ensure every case results in the maximum compensation available. His goal is to not only secure coverage for all of your medical expenses, but leave you with as much money as possible at the end of the claims process.

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