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Protecting You After A Dog Bite Or Other Animal Attack

Many millions of people in the United States are attacked and bitten by dogs on an annual basis, and many are serious enough to require medical attention. Some animal maulings even lead to death. Owners of dogs may be responsible when bites, attacks or maulings occur to others, especially if the animal has a known propensity to be vicious, attack or bite.

If you live in the Pee Dee, South Carolina, area and you or a loved one suffered injuries after being bitten or attacked by a dog or another animal, it is important to know your legal rights.

Attorney Tuck can assist you in determining your rights under the law, as well as help with insurance claims, requests for compensation and lawsuits.

Attorney Tuck has experience in these types of cases and can help.

If you or a loved one has been or attacked or injured by an animal or dog, contact us online or call Attorney Tuck at 843-393-2201 to set up a consultation to discuss your legal options.