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Civil Claims For Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual predators such as pedophiles may be attracted to positions of respect and trust such as the clergy, teaching profession or similar professions because it gives them automatic authority and credibility with the community and parents of their victims, as well as access to child victims.

In addition, young people who are aggressive sexual predators may be found in schools, group homes or similar institutions where they can sexually assault other students or residents.

If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted by a predator, you may be able to obtain compensation. If full compensation cannot be obtained from the perpetrator himself, it may be possible to prove that the person or entity who gave the perpetrator access to your child by putting him in the position of power and authority, or the perpetrator’s supervisor, employer, caretaker or custodian, is legally responsible if it can be proved that they had notice of the dangerous propensities of the perpetrator and that he or she had access to and posed a danger to your child.

It is devastating to everyone when a child is sexually assaulted. In the case of an assault causing permanent physical and/or psychological disability, personal injury lawsuits filed on behalf of children must deal with the extraordinary costs that may be involved with the care of a severely injured child through maturity and adulthood.

Attorney Tuck has experience in these types of cases and can help.

If you or your loved one has been sexually assaulted in South Carolina, and you believe that the assault could have been avoided had someone exercised due care (e.g., was negligent), attorney Tuck would like to hear from you. Call him at 843-393-2201 or contact us online for a consultation.