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Personal Injury Attorney Assisting Residents of Florence and Hartsville

If you have been hurt because of someone else's negligence, you can assert your right to compensation for all of the physical, emotional, and financial harm that you have suffered. Dedicated Florence and Hartsville personal injury lawyer William J. Tuck provides aggressive legal representation to people in many areas of South Carolina. Based in Darlington, Mr. Tuck has a strong record of success for his clients and takes personal satisfaction from guiding them through the legal process and helping them hold accountable any parties that have harmed them.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Mr. Tuck vigorously represents people who have been injured in accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. South Carolina follows a fault system for car accidents. This means that a driver who caused a crash or the driver’s insurer may be held accountable for the victim’s damages. In most cases, motor vehicle collisions are caused by the careless actions of one or more people. To establish negligence, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant breached a duty of care owed to the plaintiff and that the breach was the legal cause of the plaintiff's injuries. If an at-fault driver was in the course and scope of his or her employment at the time of the accident, the driver’s employer also may be held vicariously (indirectly) liable for the driver's negligence.

Medical Malpractice

Some common medical malpractice claims arise from birth injuries, emergency room errors, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, surgical negligence, anesthesia errors, and prescription mistakes. The plaintiff must show that the actions of the health care professional fell short of the appropriate standard of care and caused harm to a patient. Health care professionals who may be held accountable for malpractice include doctors, nurses, dentists, assistants, physical therapists, and chiropractors. Expert testimony generally plays a critical role in proving these claims.

Nursing Home Negligence

Elder abuse in nursing homes is a problem in South Carolina and across the United States. Many vulnerable adults are unable to communicate to their loved ones that they are being abused. Some warning signs of elder abuse include bed sores, unexplained falls, sudden death, bruising, malnutrition, and dehydration. Nursing homes in South Carolina are required to post a residents' bill of rights where residents can see it. These rights include medical rights, privacy rights, physical rights, and financial rights. Nursing homes are responsible for the care of their residents and may be held responsible for negligence on the part of a staff member. Before hiring staff, these facilities are expected to conduct background checks, and they must properly train staff members. After hiring a staff member, a nursing home is supposed to provide adequate supervision and put in place appropriate security measures to protect residents.

Product Liability

A product liability claim may be brought against a manufacturer when a defective product causes an injury to a consumer. A plaintiff may use theories of strict liability, negligence, or breach of contract or warranty to pursue damages from a defendant. Products may be defective in their manufacturing, design, or marketing. When bringing a product liability lawsuit, the plaintiff needs to prove that he or she was injured by the product, the product was in the same condition at the time of the injury as it was when it left the defendant’s control, and the injury happened because of a defect that made the product unreasonably dangerous to the user.

Wrongful Death

In South Carolina, a wrongful death is a loss of life that is caused by the neglect, wrongful act, or default of another party. An executor or administrator of a decedent's estate may file a wrongful death claim for the benefit of surviving family members. Family members who may recover damages include a surviving spouse or child, the surviving parents of the decedent if there is no spouse or child, or the heirs of the decedent if there is no spouse, child, or parent.

Personal Injury

The personal injury cases that we handle run a broad range, including those arising from animal and dog bites, assault and battery, brain injury, injuries to minors, elder abuse, premises liability, child sexual abuse, slip and falls, and jail injuries and deaths. Most personal injury cases arise from negligence, but in some cases, such as injuries caused by assault and battery or child sexual abuse, they arise from intentional misconduct. In all of these types of cases, you may be able to recover both economic and noneconomic compensatory damages. Economic damages are damages that are relatively tangible, such as medical bills, while noneconomic damages are intangible losses that may vary depending on the particular jury making a determination about the case. In cases of egregious misconduct, punitive damages may also be available.

Qui Tam Claims

We also handle cases brought under the federal False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. Section 3729-3733, which prohibits individuals and businesses from submitting false or fraudulent claims to the government for payment. Whistleblowers with evidence of fraud against a government program or involving a government contract may sue the wrongdoer on behalf of the United States. In qui tam lawsuits, the government may intervene and join an action. If the government chooses not to do so, the plaintiff may proceed by him or herself.

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William J. Tuck aggressively pursues compensation from people and entities that have caused devastating accidents in many areas of South Carolina. He gives each lawsuit his utmost energy and attention, working hard to maximize recovery for victims. His office is located in the historic old Bank of Darlington Building at 54 Public Square in downtown Darlington. Florence and Hartsville personal injury attorney William J. Tuck also serves injured individuals in Marion, Dillon, Cheraw, Chesterfield, Bishopville, Lake City, Myrtle Beach, and Sumter, among other communities. Set up a free consultation through our online form or by calling 843-393-2201 if you need a medical malpractice attorney or representation in any other type of personal injury claim.